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* Are you willing to commit 5-10 hours per month to perform CASA duties?
* Do you have a valid driver's license?
* Do you have access to a car?
* As a CASA volunteer, you will be required to attend court hearing for the children that you represent. Will you be able to arrange your schedule accordingly to attend these hearings?


Three references are required as part of the CASA volunteer application. A name and either mailing address or email address are required for each reference, while a phone number is encouraged. Please do not include family members as references.

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The CASA application is extensive, but it does not necessarily provide all relevant information about you as a potential volunteer. Please elaborate upon your personal history in the following Autobiography section (recommended 1 - 3 paragraphs). The following prompts are possible ideas, but none of these are mandatory and you are more than what is in this list:

- Your family background, childhood, and culture, including your family beliefs and values
- What was your earliest memory? What were your mother and father like? Did you grow up with siblings?
- What happened when you were an adolescent? What led you to make the decisions to become the person you are today?
- Describe your career, relationships, children, and any life-altering events that have occurred

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